Assessment / Analysis

               Typically, the majority of CPG manufacturers have a wealth of data, but donít spend enough time generating insight from it. The business wants to see key reports or be able to replicate analysis across a larger number of customers. Using the latest consumer led decision based ranging, your analysis will become best practice.


Key Issues

  • We want to see the same data cuts each month, but it takes a day to do them.

  • If someone wants the hierarchy to look different we have to start all over again.

  • It takes a long time to manually fill out all of the Category templates.

  • As it takes so long, we canít replicate this analysis across as many customers as we would like.

  • We seem to be too re-active to situations that arise.

  • I spend too much time pulling the data together and not enough on generating insight.


  • Become pro-active with analysis.

  • Tailor make and automate your assessment /analysis process.

  • Use industry best practice.

  • Speed and flexibility in how you see the data Ė allowing you more time to gain insight.