Efficient Assortment

               Whether you are a subscriber to the Category Management process or not, the decision of what products a customer should sell will always be with us. The responsibility of being a Category Captain assumes you will maintain your impartiality and analysis capability. If the customer has certain ways of looking at the data, which is different from others, can you cope easily? Using the latest leading edge technology from Forward Vision, your analysis can be automated and best practice saved.


Key Issues

  • Which of our own products should be stocked in which customers or which channels?

  • Which of our products should be on or in our own display equipment?

  • How can we compete with the Category Captain when it comes to analysis?

  • How can we develop, maintain and repeat best practice principles?

  • Different customers want different analysis and techniques.


  • Use best practice principles match the ability of, or become the Category Captain.

  • Ranging decisions to maximise internal and category returns.

  • Leading edge analysis techniques.

  • Ability to store best practice templates and analysis.

  • Customer specific analysis.