Data Integration

             Bringing together multiple data sources that donít have common fields has been one of the largest issues within Category Management. Briefing the data providers then merging in the customers own EPoS to fill out the templates and complete the analysis has typically taken the majority of the time within the process. Using leading edge technology, CDC is able to bring your data sources together allowing you to spend more time interpreting your information instead of merging it.


Key Issues

  • We donít even try to match data sources, but manually cut and paste data.

  • It takes someone days to merge the data together for our key customers.

  • My IT department is talking about a project that will take 6 months and cost hundreds of thousands of pounds

  • How do we handle new products?

  • Iíve got multiple data sources but not sure how to use it once combined.

  • Our trade teams arenít structured in the same way that I purchase my data Ė so itís not always robust or relevant to my customer.


  • Even initial data integration will only take hours versus days and new products are easy to add.

  • Using the right database structure allows data to be re-cut into different hierarchies Ė on the fly.

  • Spend more time interpreting your information instead of merging it.

  • If you buy enough customer information, CDC can help generate your own channel definitions and allow performance benchmarking.