Database Management

             A fundamental area that is typically the least favourite job for anyone.  But without your own or your competitors product details being kept up to date, any analysis or space management work becomes extremely difficult or fundamentally flawed.


Key Issues

  •  What should the database have in it?

  •  I have 3 databases for different uses but just want to use one.

  •  It hasnít been updated for years and contains a lot of de-listed lines.

  •  All of my planograms have a mix of different product details and info.

  •  It takes a long time to train a temp to measure, put in descriptions and check everything works in the different applications.

  •  We have a lot of old digital images taking up space on the network but not sure which products they go with.


  • Provide one source to exchange information across multiple systems.

  • Provide a structure to allow for more in-depth analysis.

  • Simultaneously update product information across a number of existing planogram files.

  • Experienced category development experts will ensure the data is entered correctly and allows your systems to do their job.

  • Reduce unnecessary space taken up with old or out of date product images.