New Product Introduction

               Ensuring that a new product delivers additional sales and profit to the company is a challenge.  Developing a new product is daunting in itself before you start to tackle how many units you are likely to sell, what price you should charge and how much it will cannibalise your existing sales and profit. A mistake in these areas can fundamentally affect the sales and profit delivery of not just the NPD but also the company as a whole. Using CDCís NPI models will provide easy access to the information you require to sell internally and externally.


Key Issues

  • Where do we start?

  • How big is the brand likely to be?

  • How many units are we going to need to produce and when?

  • How much should we charge?

  • What effect will this product have on our sales and profit mix?

  • The sales teams donít believe the volumes.


  • Flexible models to examine different scenarios and help sell internally and externally.

  • Estimate volumes and sales across the different customers and trade sectors.

  • Benchmark distribution or sales required to sell production volumes.

  • Calculate what retail price you recommend to achieve all internal and external targets.

  • Estimate the effect that the NPD will have on your existing portfolioís sales and profit.