Business Process

Whether itís establishing and documenting best practice, defining roles and responsibilities or tackling the annual planning cycle, there are over 12 years of Category, Trade Marketing, sales and business planning experience at CDC.

Business Planning 

         Undertaking the planning for the next year or the strategic plan is no small task. Whether itís within your existing process or you need a new one designed and monitored, use CDC to assist you in developing and communicating ambitious, but realistic, business plans.

Key Issues

  • How are we going to hit the target for next year?

  • What activities do we run and when?

  • How do we balance our investment?

  • How do we show where the sales will be coming from?


  • Pre-planning assessment templates to learn and make better decisions.

  • Experience of top down and bottom up planning.

  • Measure the effectiveness of different tactics to allocate spend.


Process Mapping and Design 

            If you feel like you are constantly re-inventing the wheel, that things are taking longer than they need to or a certain activity is seen as someone elseís responsibility, uses CDC to help map, enhance, document and train your key processes.

 Key Issues

  • Whose responsibility is that?

  • Thatís not our job!

  • The process takes too long!

  • Whatís going on?

  • We were late taking it to the trade.

  • We seem to be fire fighting all the time.


  • Determine and document the process.
  • Ensure that the key business processes are integrated.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities using existing or other models e.g. RACI, ARTS.

  • Gain agreement and train those involved.