A lot of time is likely to be spent on the pre-evaluation and sign off of a promotion, but how many National Account Managers know how to 'use the system' to give an answer that is acceptable? More effective pre- and post- evaluation can drive better decision-making and allow the most effective use of funds within the Business Unit or company.


Key Issues

  • How do we measure the effectiveness of promotions?

  • What promotions actually work?

  • What is the impact for the customer?

  • What is the impact on the category?

  • We never seem to post evaluate promotions.

  • NAMs chose and agree the ‘wrong’ promotions.

  • Our promotional programme is typically a knee jerk response to the customer or because our sales are lower than planned.


  • Allocate funds to the most productive promotions.

  • Set clear objectives for the payback period of the promotion.

  • Post evaluation of promotions.

  • Clear understanding of what each promotion is likely to deliver, and what promotions can be used under what circumstances.

  • Clear planning of an integrated promotional calendar.