How many times has a test occurred in only one outlet where the results have been taken or presented as definitive, with either the wrong decision being made or the credibility of the argument undermined?  How many times have the wrong things been tested or the wrong tests carried out because they use gimmicks or ‘sexy technology’? What are the gaps in your research programme? How do you go about starting one? Whether it is designing a programme, a test or data processing, CDC and associates can offer a reliable and experienced service to enable you to measure your initiatives and sell them to your customers.

Key Issues

  • What are the gaps in our research?

  • We have lots of research but don’t seem to use much of it.

  • A key customer wants to test something, but we’re not convinced it’s the right thing to test.

  • How do I answer this key business question with a test?

  • How do we maximise the fact that all the NAMs want to run tests with their customers?

  • Development of a long term research programme that gains both business and customer buy in, identifying which customers to test with and what to test.

  • Workshops to ensure the big business issues are being answered and that the key business stakeholders are bought into the outcomes.

  • Post results workshop on how to cascade and adapt the results across a range of customers.

  • Data processing and results interpretation from ad-hoc studies.